To ensure fire safety at facilities (in houses, buildings, industrial premises, offices, etc.), a set of preventive and protective measures is provided to ensure the safety of people’s lives and material values ​​during a fire. In particular, fire-resistant structures are used to prevent the spread or localization of combustion products.

“SAKURA-PRO” company designs, manufactures and installs the following fire protection structures:

Fire partitions – division of the space of the room with fire partitions of our production into zones, ensures prevention of the spread or localization of the flash. The design feature of partitions of the ASPP type, as well as the use of fire-resistant ProFire glass in them, prevents the rapid smoking of other rooms and the rise of temperature to dangerous limits. This saves time for the safe evacuation of people. Our company has developed, tested and certified pillarless fire partitions.

Fire doors provide localization of the premises from dangerous combustion products. Fire doors do not lock. When installing doors, the direction of evacuation of visitors is taken into account. Such doors always open in the direction of the flow of people during evacuation.

Fire-resistant windows are obstacles to the spread of dangerous fire factors. According to the norms, all fire-resistant windows must be deaf, that is, they cannot be opened. Fire-resistant windows limit the flow of oxygen from the street and thus prevent the maintenance of combustion.

All types of fire-resistant structures have a corresponding class of fire resistance from EI 15 to EI 180, where E is the preservation of the integrity of the structure, I is heat-insulating ability, W is the limitation of heat transfer to the protected space.