An armored window (partition) is a complex engineering and technical product that, along with the functions of a regular window, provides protection against physical attacks (mechanical break-in, penetration, etc.).


Depending on the type of attack, windows are divided into:


  • bulletproof:
  • impact resistant;
  • break-resistant;
  • multifunctional.


A bulletproof window is a combination of bulletproof glass and an armored aluminum or steel frame. As a rule, SACURA-PRO company windows combine bullet resistance and maliciousness resistance.

We produce an armored window with a hinged sash with protection according to the OZK 3 class (DSTU 4547:2006, Kalashnikov assault rifle). For higher resistance classes, we recommend installing two windows. The first is a conventional window, which ensures energy efficiency, and behind it is installed a bulletproof window (protective screen). As a rule, the screen repeats the organization of the first window.


This method allows you to install an armored window without dismantling existing windows, with minimal costs and does not require a change in the passport of the facade, and most importantly – it does not unmask the place of installation of an armored window.


An impact-resistant anti-vandal window is a combination of impact-resistant glass and a regular frame.


Break-resistant window – along with break-resistant glass (link) includes a break-resistant frame, the requirements for which are regulated by the DSTU EN 1627:2014 standard.


Metal-plastic or aluminum frames in combination with break-resistant fittings provide RC 2 or RC 3 break-resistance class. For higher break-resistance classes, a steel frame is used.


Multifunctional window (partition) – this type of window performs both protective and special functions. So, for example, an armored safety window of class FB 6 (EN 1522:1998) has a RC 6 frame resistance, P8B glass burglar resistance, EI 60 fire resistance, and also has glass or glass with variable transparency (smart glass) that is heated.