Protective screens (protective partitions)

The SACURA-PRO company manufactures protective screens made using the “back window” technology for various purposes:

  • Bulletproof protective screens.
  • Fire-resistant screens.
  • Multifunctional protective screens (bullets – fire – break-resistant).

This technology involves installing a protective screen from the inside and close to the existing window (facade).

Fig. 1 Example of installing a fire protection screen

1111-2 Protective screens (protective partitions)

Advantages of such a solution:

  • The appearance of the external facade does not change, and therefore there is no need to agree on a change in the appearance of the facade.
  • The specified fire resistance, bullet resistance or multifunctional protection of the window (facade) is provided.
  • Heat transfer resistance increases, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the window (facade).
  • The level of noise insulation of the room increases.
  • The fact of installing a protective structure is not unmasked.
  • The cost of installing protective screens is much lower than reinstalling windows (facades) with the necessary protection.

Protective screens

Protective screens are glass partitions of various sizes and designs, which are required to ensure maximum security and optimize the performance of business tasks. Product parameters depend on installation conditions and personal requests of the client. our company makes it possible to choose protective screens and buy them on favorable terms with delivery and installation. Similar designs are most in demand when equipped with:

  • office centers;
  • state organizations;
  • medical institutions of various profiles;
  • salons of beauty and spa centers;
  • shops, supermarkets;
  • kindergartens, schools, universities, colleges;
  • hotel complexes;
  • taxi, minibuses, buses;
  • restaurants, bars and cafes.


Using protective screens made using Back Window technology


In modern realities, the company is very responsible for ensuring security, because the health, life and comfort of the stay of employees and visitors depend on it. Protective screens for the office, shopping center, hotel, etc. They are popular due to the combination of practical properties, prices and aesthetics. Each client can choose exactly the type of structure that suits him in:

  • sizes;
  • installation method;
  • protective properties;
  • value;
  • degree of transparency.

The protective screen is easy and the absence of hard restrictions in terms of placement. The transparent design is optimal for arranging the workplace of the cashier, employee of the bank, taxi driver or manager. We responsibly approach the implementation of each order, so we are developing a design project to create a protective screen for a store, registry, office, etc., which will fully comply with the expectations of the buyer. If the catalog does not have a modification that you need, contact managers to discuss the manufacture of an individual sketch.


Production of protective screens of various configurations


Our company offers manufacturing structures using Back Window technology (rear window). Depending on the field of use, you can choose a protective screen for trading, registry, office, etc. Between themselves, the products differ, first of all, in functional capabilities. There are bulletproof and fire resistant variations, but the most interest among consumers are multifunctional products that are able to withstand fires, attempts to hack and shots. If you decide to buy a particular protective screen with us, then the delivery and installation of the product to the facade, as well as warranty and post -warranty services, will be included in the price. After fixing, the coating will not require complex and expensive care.


Arguments in favor of buying a protective screen


To solve the problem of ensuring protection against adverse external factors owners of offices, beauty salons, hotels, restaurants, etc. can in various ways. Installation of special designs seems to be the most successful solution, since:

  • The protective screen for the office or other object guarantees resistance to physical influences, is not subject to fire and can be used for multifunctional protection of windows and facades;
  • In the process of installation, it is not required to receive additional permits, since the original design does not change;
  • It is possible to optimize noise insulation;
  • It is possible to indicate the fact of the presence of additional glass protection;
  • The installation of the screens goes significantly less cash than the reinstallation of window or facade structures;
  • It turns out an order of magnitude to increase the indicators of the energy efficiency of the facade or window.


It is profitable to buy protective screens with delivery and installation in Ukraine


The acquisition of glass structures for equipping trading facilities, offices, etc. Requires a responsible approach to compiling a list of requirements and choosing a company-executor. The company “SACURA” justifies the high expectations of customers, offering screens from high -strength materials on attractive conditions:

  1. At moderate cost – as a manufacturer, we save customers from additional margins.
  2. With the minimum time of time for placing an order – to make a purchase, it is enough to contact us and agree on a technical task, as well as make measurements.
  3. No doubt in the reliability, visual attractiveness and durability of products – an official quality guarantee is provided for each product.
  4. With preliminary advice from a professional to select the most successful technical solution.
  5. With obtaining a full range of related services, including: delivery, installation, warranty and post -warranty service.

To order a protective screen for the office, trade or other goals, contact us by phone 0678804678 or leave a feedback request.


Protective screens (protective partitions)