Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass

The SACURA-PRO company produces multi-layered bulletproof (bulletproof) armored glass of all resistance classes in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian standard, as well as European and American standards.




Such glass provides protection against impact factors of small arms ammunition. Bullet resistance testing and classification according to EN 1063:1999. For each class of bullet resistance, the standard provides for the type of weapon, caliber, characteristics of the bullet, etc.


The SACURA-PRO company produces multi-layered bulletproof glass of all resistance classes.

In connection with the fact that more and more powerful means of defeat are used, the market requires the development of adequate means of protection. To meet these wishes, we have developed glass that goes beyond standard categories.


Working tests of such glass were carried out at the base of the SBU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on a sniper rifle chambered for the Lapua Magnum 338 cartridge (caliber 8.6*70, bullet weight 1.2 grams).


The SACURA-PRO company has certified multi-layer bulletproof glass in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 1063, namely for classes BR 4 NS, BR 6NS and BR 7NS, and supplies them to foreign customers. In addition, the bulletproof glass of our production has successfully passed the test at the Royal Laboratory in Jordan.

Rectangle-14 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass

Our company also constantly tests for resistance classes according to NIJ 0108.01, Stanag 4569, ASTM standards.

Bullet resistance class of glass in accordance with DSTU 4546:2006
Resistance class Type of weapon Cartridge Description of balls Mass
balls, g
Bullet speed,
Brand of glass Thickness,
SC 1 “BO” Pistol
Makarova (PM)
57-N-181s of a 9 mm pistol cartridge Bullet with spherical head and steel core 5,9 315 ± 10 SPBO-1 13,8 32
SK 2 “BO” Pistol
Tokarev (TT)
57-N-134s of a pistol cartridge 7.62
Bullet with a spherical head and a steel core in a steel jacket 5,5 430 ± 15 SPBO-2 17,8 41,5
SK 3 “BO” AK-47, AKM,
Bullet 7.62 mm
A pointed bullet with a steel core in a steel jacket 7,9 730 ± 15 SPBO-3 42,8 100
AK-74, RPK-74 Bullet 5.45 mm 7Н6 A pointed bullet with a steel core in a steel jacket 3,4 910 ± 15
SK 4 “BO” AK-74, RPK-74 5.45 mm bullet with 7H10 charge Pointed bullet with a hardened steel core in a steel jacket 3,6 910 ± 15 SPBO-4 60,1 137,5
SVD, PK, PKT A 7.62 mm rifle bullet
A pointed bullet with a steel core in a steel jacket 9,6 850 ± 15
SK 5 “BO” AK-47, AKM,
B3 bullet (armor-piercing and incendiary)
7.62 mm automatic cartridge
Pointed bullet with a hardened steel core in a steel jacket 7,4 745 ± 15 SPBO-5 71,3 164
SK 6 “BO” SVD, PK, PKT B-32 7.62 mm rifle bullet
Pointed bullet with a hardened steel core in a steel jacket 10,4 830 ± 15 SPBO-6 90,1 200
Rectangle-8-2 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass
Rectangle-9-2 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass
Rectangle-10-2 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass
Rectangle-11-1 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass



For the production of bulletproof glass, SACURA uses pouring technology, which has a number of advantages compared to film technology. So, for example, pouring technology allows you to manufacture products without restrictions on size and thickness.
Filled multi-layered bulletproof glass is made by gluing glass with a special polymer resin, which under the action of ultraviolet radiation additionally hardens and firmly bonds the surfaces of the glasses together.

Bulletproof glass is a “sandwich” of alternating glass panels with a thickness of 6-12 mm. and layers of hardened polymer resin.

When a bullet hits laminated glass, the energy of its impact spreads to all layers. The energy of the bullet is distributed between the layers of glass and the intermediate layers of resin, and thus the distribution of the impact force is accompanied by a rapid absorption of energy. The speed of the bullet drops sharply, and it is no longer able to overcome the obstacle and cause significant damage.

The thickness of bulletproof laminated glass depends on the degree of expected protection against the action of various types of ammunition. Higher degrees of bullet resistance lead to an increase in thickness and, accordingly, to an increase in the mass of the glass. So, for example, the thickness of glass according to the second class of resistance is 18 mm, and according to the sixth it can reach 90 mm. (use of weapons with armor-piercing and incendiary ammunition).

The customer must take into account the ratio of the capabilities of the attacking party and the desire to provide maximum protection. So, for example, in a small exchange point there is no need to install glass that protects against the action of a sniper rifle bullet. In this case, it is quite enough to use glass of the 2nd class of resistance (TT gun).

An increase in the thickness of bulletproof multilayer glass naturally leads to a decrease in its transparency (with any manufacturing technology). If the customer wishes to increase the light transmission of the structure, we can offer the production of bulletproof glass based on the use of light glass. Chemically lightened float glass is a glass with a very low iron content, so it has almost no greenish tint that ordinary glass has.

The company SACURA-PRO also manufactures “warm” armor bags. Such products are a structure consisting of bulletproof glass and one or two chambers formed by energy-saving glass. Energy-saving glass is in a package on the street side, and bulletproof – inside the room. “Warm” bulletproof double-glazed windows allow you to achieve the required calculated coefficient of heat transfer.

The use of glass of different thickness in our products also makes it possible to significantly improve the sound insulation of rooms.

As an additional option, we can offer electrically heated laminated glass used in rail, air and marine transport for defrosting and fogging.


The SACURA-PRO company produces bulletproof laminated glass of all resistance classes in accordance with the requirements of Ukraine. and foreign standards (see the Certificates section).
All glasses produced by the company are tested and certified in accredited testing laboratories and certification centers.
The use of additional options (“warm bulletproof glass, electric heating, increased sound insulation…) significantly expands the possible limits of its products.

Makarova (PM)
Tokarev pistol (TT) Kalashnikov assault rifle AK Kalashnikov assault rifle АК-74 Simonov SKS carbine Sniper rifle Dragunov SVD Kalashnikov light machine gun (RPK) Kalashnikov RPK-74 hand machine gun
  1 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass  2 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass  3 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass  4 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass  5 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass  6 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass  7 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass  8 Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass 
SK1 Х              
SK2   Х            
SK3     Х Х     Х Х
SK4     Х Х   Х   Х
SK5     Х   Х   Х  
SK6           Х    


Bulletproof glass is one of the types of laminated glass. It is also called bulletproof or armored glass. This type of laminated glass provides protection of people and material values from the impact of small arms. As a rule, bulletproof glass is used to protect employees of banking institutions, pawnshops, exchange offices, windows of jewelry stores, security posts and many other important objects.

In our difficult times, this type of glass acquires special importance. The use of armored glass 12…18 mm thick in the windows will protect not only from the direct impact of the bullet, but also from ammunition fragments and the blast wave.

The thickness of the multi-layered bullet-proof glass depends on the purpose of protection against a specific type of small-arms ammunition. For example, a set of glasses with a thickness of 12 mm to 18 mm is enough to protect against a Makarov pistol or a TT. To protect against a 7.62 mm or 5.45 mm Kalashnikov machine gun, a set of glasses with a thickness of about 40 mm is already required, and to protect against armor-piercing incendiary ammunition, a thickness of armored glass of more than 90 mm will be required.

Our company manufactures multi-layered bulletproof glass of any thickness that meets the highest bulletproof classes in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian and European standards. To ensure guaranteed protection, all our glasses undergo periodic certification tests. In Ukraine, there is probably not a single banking institution where our armored glass is not used in the structures of our production, as well as in the structures of other companies.

We have the experience of supplying a large volume of bulletproof glass of the highest class of bullet resistance according to the European standard to the countries of the Middle East.
Along with the features of multilayer bulletproof glass, it has useful properties typical of multilayer glasses, namely:

  • High impact resistance. For example, armored glass of class SK 1 (thickness 13 mm) corresponds to the impact resistance category P5A (DSTU EN 356), i.e. withstands 9 blows of a steel ball with a mass of 4.1 kg and a diameter of 110 mm falling from a height of 9 meters;
  • Fracture resistance. Bullet-resistant glass of class SK 2 (thickness 18 mm) corresponds to the breakage resistance category P6B (DSTU EN 356) and can withstand from 30 to 50 ax blows;
  • High sound insulation;
  • Increasing energy efficiency;
  • Protection against ultraviolet rays on the interior of the apartment.


Multi-layer bulletproof bulletproof glass