Bulletproof and bulglary structures


Sacura Group offers a wide range of bulletproof and burglarproof windows, the frames of which are made of steel, aluminium or wood.

The structure of the glass unit includes a multilayer protective glass or multifunctional glass Sacura Secure.

It is not necessary to dismantle windows in a functioning building to ensure bulletprofness. It is enough to install a bulletproof screen from inside the room (back glazed window system).

In addition, this solution increases thermal insulation and reduces noise.

Bullet resistance:

    FB2NS ÷ FB7NS in accordance with the EN1522:1999;

    BR2NS ÷ BR7NS in accordance with the EN1063:1999.

Burglary resistance:

    RC2 ÷ RC4 in accordance with the EN1627:2011.

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