About company


1991 – the first Sacura company established;

1995 – distribution of window films and production of impact resistant glass;

1997 – the production of bulletproof glass was launched;

         – start of production of fireproof glass;

2000 – opening of a laboratory for fire tests of building structures;

2006 – acquisition of new production facilities of 4000 sq. m.;

         – production of fire - resistant windows, doors, gates and curtains;

         –  hydrogel Profire development;

2007 – production of protective translucent structures;

         – developed and patented the technology of self – supporting double -

glass units with a transparent spacer;

2008 – construction of a new testing laboratory started;

2009 – transfer of ProFire fireproof glass technology to Russia and Belarus;

2012 – a new- testing laboratory of 1300 sq. m. was put into operation;

2017 ÷ 2018 – tested and certified structures with protective glass BR7NS and EI 90 and El 120;

2019 ÷ 2020 – start of distribution of safety glass and protective structures to the EU and MENA.

About us


   Sacura Group profess ancient wisdom – “To save one life is to save all humanity”. That is why, day after day, we transform ordinary glass and metal into high-tech protective structures and provide our customers and partners not only protective glazing structure and complex engineering solutions, but also confidence in their safety.

   We were pioneers in the Ukrainian market of protective translucent structures and continue to lead in the industry, which we are constantly developing with our scientific and practical work.


   In the medium term, we want to establish ourselves as a regional leader in the production of protective translucent structures and become recognizable in the world market.



   We are constantly developing and implementing new technologies for the production of protective glazing.


   We respect competitors but always strive to be a little better.


   Formation of prerequisites for intensification of production and growth of sales.


   We are ready to invest in improving working conditions and staff training.


   The success of the company depends on the well-coordinated work of the team and the readiness of each to dedication.

Customer focus

   Customer satisfaction and needs are of primary value.