Fire-resist glass
  • ProfDear Sirs!

    The concern «Sacura» (Kiev, Ukraine) has to present you the new series of fire-resist glass ProFire which has been developed in 2007.

    The concern «Sacura» is the modern enterprise specializing in glass processing with own dynamically developing engineering and installing basis.

    The glass ProFire is the construction of two float glass sheets and polymer composition between them.

    Under standard fire conditions the polymer composition is frothing up, lose the transparency and ensure the fire-resistance limits of ЕI 15, ЕI 30, ЕI 45, ЕI 60, ЕI 90.

    ProFire can be used in case of need to provide the high level of fire safety and at the same time to keep the high level of natural lighting, the clear visibility for example, in the Shopping and Entertainment centers, stadiums, hotels, restaurants, business-centers, airports, the industrial buildings, warehouses and laboratories.

    The fire-resistant glass “ProFire” have good optical quality and high using characteristics:


      • The quantity and the fire-resist properties of ProFire thoroughly control during every stage of production according to the ISO 9001:2001. Average weight is 30% lower than existing analogues

      • Improved optical transmission factor (to 0.85)

      • Invariability of characteristics under UV-radiation

      • Minimum quantity of optical defects and distortions

      • Heat insulation and sound proofing

      • Safety and durability.

      • Expanded temperature range (from -40°С to +80°С)

    Fire requirements

    The glass ProFire have been certificated in the structure of the fire-resist constructions to the accordance of the Ukrainian legislation in fire-protection

    The Ukrainian standards have harmonized to the European Standards EN 1363 and EN 1350-1 on the Integrity and insulation criteria.

    The glass ProFire EI-45 and EI-60 have successfully certificated in Russia (to the accordance of Russian legislation – GOST R 51136-2008).

    The glasses were tested in the steel and aluminum constructions of fire-resistant doors (single and double-doors) and fire-resistant dividing walls.*

    The maximum size of the tested glass is 1200х2500 mm.


    Fire-resist limit


    Weight 1sq.m./kg

    «ProFire» ЕI-15



    «ProFire» ЕI-30



    «ProFire» ЕI-45



    «ProFire» ЕI-60



    Domain of application

    The glass ProFire can be used in the following constructions:

    • in the internal and external constructions without the additional UV-filters and also in double-glazed window;

    • into additional to the against-breaking, impact-resistant and bullet-resistant constructions;

    • in combination with glass decorative constructions: tinted glass, frosted glass, the glass with decorative design etc

    Delivery terms

    The glass delivery could be executed on EXW Kiev (minimum order is 100sq.m of glass per month) in the sheets of 1600х2200mm, which should be cutting in place, as well as in the final size products.

    The term of delivery – 6 weeks.

    In conditions of large volume delivery or the shipment of complicated form products the term of delivery should be agreed additionally.

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